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World War 2

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Essay title: World War 2

World War 2

World War 2 was a conflict between the Allied Powers that consisted of United Kingdom, Soviet Union, United States, Republic of China, Poland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Philippines, Brazil, and more. While the Axis Power which consisted of Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Thailand and others. There were many causes like the German taking over of Poland, and the Japanese attacks on China, the United States, and the British and Dutch colonies. In each of these cases, the attacks were the result of a decision made by major figures in Germany and Japan. World War II started after these actions were met with an official declaration of war. During the beginning of World War II that started in 1939, Germany was winning it was later joined in June 1940 by Italy, and Japan in December 1941. The war was fought over two-thirds of the world's surface, with America and its allies taking part in vast air, land and sea battles. It turned WW II into global conflict and ended it with the drawing of nuclear era.

Together they formed the major Axis nations, each had their strengths and weakness. From 1900 until the late 1930's the armies of the world believed that massed infantry charges, heavy artillery, and static defenses could dominate and control any battlefield. But on the morning of September 1st 1939, the world was forever changed as Germany invaded Poland and executed its first "Blitzkrieg" or "Lightning attack", quickly crushing Polish resistance. And the entry of France and Britain into the conflict on 3 September, marked not so much the beginning of a new war as opening of a more intensive phase of a war that already in progress. A possible opinion was that it had never stopped at all during the years since 1914. A more moderate view, might take the outbreak of the Spanish revolt in July 1936 as the starting point. But to any informed observer it was at least clear that the struggle had waged, bloodlessly but with growing intensity, for a considerable period before the resort to armed hostilities.

From 1939 to 1945, Germany's military machine struck out and conquered most of Western Europe, swept into deserts of North Africa and drove deep

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