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World War 2

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Essay title: World War 2

fresh treaty, which recognises their existing spheres of influence and affirms current trade agreements. German aircraft surprise the Mediterranean fleet, which is escorting 3 merchant ships to Greece. 40 Ju-87 Stukas attack them, scoring 6 hits on HMS Illustrious and severely damaging her. HMS Warspite also receive damage. Both ships make for Malta and arrive the next day. Roosevelt introduces his 'Lend Lease' bill to the House of Representatives as House Resolution 1776 (H.R. 1776), after recognising that neither Britain or China could continue paying indefinitely for material supplied. This allowed the fighting allies to pay the USA back in kind, but after the war. He likened this to 'lending a neighbour a garden hose to put out a fire'.

11th January 1941

Hitler confirms in Directive No.22, his intentions to send military support to the Italians in Libya. The operation is to be named 'Sunflower'. Hitler confirms in Directive No.22, his intentions to send military support to the Italians in Albania. The operation is to be named 'Alpine Violets'. The Cruisers HMS Southampton and HMS Gloucester are attacked by German aircraft in the Sicilian channel. HMS Gloucester receives damage, while HMS Southampton is sunk. British submarine's begin to make attacks German and Italian convoys crossing to Libya.

12th January 1941

Recruiting of Norwegians for the 'Nordland' Regiment of the 5th SS Motorised Division 'Wiking' begins.

13th January 1941

Hitler demands that Bulgaria joins the Tripartite pact, but the Bulgarians play for time. The Luftwaffe launches a heavy attack against Plymouth.

14th January 1941


15th January 1941


16th January 1941

French inflict a naval defeat on Thai forces at Koh-Chang. French forces in Indochina launch an offensive against Thailand after numerous border provocations, but are unable to make much headway

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