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Essay title: Writing


In today’s society writing is a requirement for almost anything. Writing is a crucial skill to have in order to be successful in life. No one wants to sound like an idiot and if one doesn’t know how to write then they stand a very good chance of sounding like an idiot on something important. Writing is the basis of communicating in today’s world. With the growing trend of email and the internet people are using writing more than ever. This is why it is imperative to know how to write well and communicate your ideas.

Writing is a wonderful tool for communicating with others and will be needed for whatever line of work a person chooses “Everyone in the world has to write, there are very few exceptions” (Einstein 149). The idea of writing splits off into different directions when writers choose their purpose for writing. Some people write for a job such as a journalist and some write for fun and to express their feelings such as a poet. These two purposes for writing are very dissimilar from one another. When applying for a university or a job the applications almost always ask you to write something for them; so you need to be able to write well to distinguish your self from everyone you are competing with for the position.

However in all forms of writing “there is a method used it’s thought about or not.” (Hughes 485) This method is used no matter the circumstances, sometimes subconsciously. The first thing is to start off with a topic. This may be something the writer wants to write about or something that was assigned by a teacher or employer. The next step is brainstorming or prewriting as some tend to call it. The writer now focuses all his or her thoughts about the subject at hand and jots them down on a piece of paper. After that the writer starts to separate different ideas and thoughts about the topic and puts them into different groups which later become your different paragraphs. When this is finished the writer finally starts to conjure up a paper. Now this next step some people choose to exclude however the best writers tend to always make sure they include it if they have the time. This step is known as revision which is where writers go through their paper and modify it to enhance it. If you follow these

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