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Year 2500 Diction

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Essay title: Year 2500 Diction

Year 2500 Diction



106: Hey, what plans are for the P.M.?

224: IDK, I have the groc to go to first, then like we're all going to UV

106: why the groc?

224: ugh, my ma is like makin' me get some broc, and I might get a sando.

106: veg?! Who eats green?!

224: it's apparently healthy for you

106: anyways, 352 want us to keep UV on the dolo

224: why? Everyone like already knows.

106: Cheese and rice!

224: well, it's SEP

106: it's gonna hulk out!

224: reason?

106: ‘cause he doesn't want 609 and 517 to come

224: oh, 609 told me he was like going to go to Venus. He left to catch the SS today

106: what about 517?

224: IDK, but 352 is right, IDW an odd to come.


Max: Hey, what are the plans for tonight?

Harry: I don't know. I have to go to the grocery store first, and then we're all going to University Mall

Max: Why do you have to go to the grocery store?

Harry: Ugh, because my mom is making me buy broccoli, and I might get a sandwich

Max: Vegetables?! Who eats vegetables?

Harry: It's apparently healthy for you

Max: anyways, Joe doesn't want others to know that we're going to hang out at UV. He wants it on the down low (a secret).

Harry: why? Everyone already knows.

Max: Jesus Christ!

Harry: well, it's

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