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1 Year Old Boy - Child Observation

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1 Year Old Boy - Child Observation

Subject: 1 Year Old Boy

Location: Toy room

Concept: play, Language, sense of self, empathy

It was playtime for the one year old boy. There were all sorts of toys. The playroom was very small. There was a huge toy chest full to the top with toys. On the wall there was a body length mirror. This was the little boys favorite place to play. He would also play with some of the other toys like blocks, cars, stuffed animals and other things. No matter what he grabbed he always brought it in front of the mirror.

When he would cry or show any type of emotion he would always work his way over to the mirror. He wanted to see what that emotion looked like. Somehow the mirror always made things better. The one year old plays in the mirror as if it is another child playing right along with him. The boy waves bye bye and hello to himself in the mirror. He also moves his mouth and other body parts in the mirror.

The child walks over to the toy chest and starts throwing toys on to the floor then finally finds the toy he was looking for. The toy is a microphone. He talks very loudly into it and giggles. He isn’t saying any

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