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10km Training Plan

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10km Training Plan

Eddie Vedder

Mrs. Peters

English 11 B4

06 September 2014

Presentation of a Partner

In Kellam high school there is a junior named Mary Herrera who is looking to start an ice hockey team. Mary wants an ice hockey team because it is a good way to keep active and have fun. Before we go any further lets get to know Mary. She, like many people in Kellam grew up here in Virginia and was born here in June 17th 1997. She lives with three siblings, a ferret, a bunny, two birds, four dogs, and five cats. She also enjoys watching the Chicago Bears play football. She does not have a job but plans on being an E.R nurse. She enjoys horror films, such “Dead Silence” being her favorite. Her favorite television show is Face Off. She does not own a vehicle but hopes to get one soon just in time for her to get her license. When asked, “what would she do with a million dollars?” She answered, “I would save and be smart with it.” Mary’s favorite season is fall because the leaves are pretty and the temperature is not to cold.  Mary’s favorite year in school so far has been freshman year because she got to go to ring dance. Her favorite subject in school is science because of the labs and experiments. Her favorite classes in school are history because of the cool teachers here in Kellam. She never lived outside the state of Virginia but wishes to one day. She would like to go to college but plans on going to VOTEC. Mary’s favorite food are pizza rolls. And the worst thing she ever tasted was vegemite she states, “ it tastes gross, looks gross, and smells gross!” She also enjoys all kinds of music.

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