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2611 Final Paper

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2611 Final Paper

1. Toys have been a part of every culture and historical period. In most of the cases, if not all, I will assert that toys are not only part of a culture but also represent and create cultural aspects. More than just artifacts to entertain the young and sometimes the old, toys can offer a deeper insight into human history, culture, and development. They reveal the social, economic, ethical, and technological factors that together represent the way of life of a group of people.

Regarding the question of if we can sell a toy in Japan, I could say that it depends in what kind of toy you want to sell. Before introducing a product like a toy that is representative of culture, you have to study the social, political, gender, ethical, technological, and economical aspects of a culture. If you don't, the introduction of a toy can even be interpreted as a direct offense to the country and to their core principles. For example, imagine if companies wanted to introduce a bikini-clad Barbie into Afghanistan, a country where women get killed when showing the slightest amount of bare skin women

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