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A Beautiful Bird

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A Beautiful Bird

A beautiful bird was flying around so happily and no one was able to catch it, for it was soaring highly above the sky. It was living and cherishing the rich way of life by doing and eating whatever it wanted. It never had the worries for past and thoughts for future. Its charisma, majestic and doughty view, soft plumes and sheen beak made any girl instantly to fall head over heels in love with it. One girl found the bird interesting; its magnetic appeal affected even her, as many other girls fancying it, so she did. The bird had freedom until her eye strike on it. She caged the bird by blatanting it. She cut its wings, so that it won’t fly. She intended to have it along with her for life long, but that will definitely affect the bird’s self-esteem. Because, she found that the qualities of the bird will never go with her life-style. Even the bird, not same as her, but had more feelings for the girl. The feelings that made it to deem her as its life, so it gave up all its vain. Now the bird lost its identity, liveliness, adventurous life. The bird changed itself so orderly, scrupulous, dowdy, preoccupied and thoughtful about life. For the sake of the girl

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