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A Business Degree, a Key to Success

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A Business Degree, a Key to Success

In 2009, when I had a chance to study in SIAS, there was a problem that what kind of major I should study. At that time, I think it was a big problem, because major will decide my future. I couldn't sleep well and I asked all my friends to give me advices. Finally, I thought study business was the best choice. Up to now, I still believe my decision is right. However, recently I read an article that makes me feel very sad. In the article "8 Reason Not to Get a Business Degree "(CBS Moneywort, Jan 20, 2011), Lynn O'Shaughnessy argues that students should not major in business. I think one of her point is right, which it is unwise major in business just because their parents want to. Although I agree with that point, I still think her argument isn't right. I believe study business can help us make money and find a good job.

In the article "8 Reasons Not to Get a Business Degree" (CBS Moneywort, Jan 20, 2011), Lynn O'Shaughnessy presents her ideas that we should not major in business. First, she says some of the students in business school can't study other skills like writing and analytical skills, and the biggest problem is they don't study much about business. Second, she says we have a wrong concept that business degree can help us make a lot of money. In college, spend our time and money on business isn't worth and it is impractical as philosophy, history and American studies. Third, she believes that the business market is crowded, many colleges have business students. Next she thinks business degrees can make our life terrible and it will have a big peril of doing business. Also, LO's thinks if we want to be a MBA, it is bad for us to major in business, because study business perform worse in MBA compare with non-business majors. In addition, she says if we want to do business, have a business degree or don't have is not very important. We can still do business even if we are a business rookie. Differently, if we want to make more money, have an economic degree is better than business because study economics can let us learn how to think and treat our employers. Finally, she thinks we choose this major because of our parents want we study it. It's bad for us and it can't help us to be successful if we study it under pressure of parents.

From reading the article, I believe O'Shaughnessy is right about her #8 points. The writer thinks that" our parents want us to major in business" I really agree with this point. When we have to choose what major to study, many Chinese parents have a big influence on their child. If we have a chance to study in college, there are many different majors that we can study, but usually we can't make a decision by ourselves. Our parents always think we are still a child and we don't have enough experience to choice our major. Some parents said like this" Baby, you don't know what is the best major that can help you find a good job, listen to me and you will always right." It is our parent god? Of course not, but many Chinese students have such problem. In 2009, when I need to face what major to study, I heard these words from my mother "Dear, I help you make a decision, you should study in business." Thanks god, fortunately I want to study in business. If not, I think I would feel so sad. Also, I think many students in china don't have a clear goal and they don't know what they really like and dislike. Because of this, their parents have to make a decision only. My friend Lee thinks that study in which major is not important. When he needs to choose his major, his parents want him to study in business. Our parents make decision instead of ourselves, not only because they want us to major in, but also some of students don't know what to study.

Then, if we want to make a lot of money, study business skills like communication skill and business investment skill is very important. There is a very famous sentence in china that is "A good eloquence for a business people is the most important." In my view, I think it's right. We have a good idea sometimes but we don't know how to expound our mind. Research from QingHua University shows us that the best idea isn't from the smartest people; the shy guys usually have the best idea. These people don't have communication skill to show others their mind. In business, if a person don't have a good communication skill, it's very difficult for them to success. I think if we can take class in business school, we can study how to make our boss, staffs,

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