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Abilities and Its Development

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Abilities and Its Development

1. Introduction

Nowadays the concept of "ability" is one of the most widely used psychological concepts in education. That's abilities were considered as one of the basic units of development.

Often when we try to explain why people caught up in the same or nearly the same conditions, reach different success, we turn to the concept of ability, suggesting that the difference in the success of people can be explained by this. The same concept is used and when investigated causes rapid learning and acquiring skills among people and a long, painful learning even more.

Background is that the problem is the most difficult skills in psychology. Ability formed during the life of the people, change changing objective conditions and therefore educational and converted. The practical significance is that the sooner we turn our attention to our inclinations, the sooner we can develop the skills and define the occupation.

Object is and their ability feature.

The object of study is a prerequisite makings of abilities.

The aim of this work: consider the particular skills and abilities of the individual.

Tasks: ability to define the concept, consider the level of abilities and individual differences, define the concept instincts.

2. General description of skills in psychology

          2.1. Definition of skills

Usually, the ability to understand these individual characteristics, which are conditions for successful implementation of any one or more activities. However, the term "ability", despite its long-standing and widely used in psychology, many authors interpreted ambiguously. To sum up all sorts of options, there are currently several approaches to research abilities. They can be grouped into three major types.

 In the first case, the ability to understand different set of mental processes and states. It is the oldest and most widespread interpretation of the term "ability".

In terms of the second approach in ability to understand the high level of general and specialized knowledge and skills that ensure successful implementation of human various activities. This definition was and was accepted in psychology at 18-19 centuries. and quite common nowadays.

The third approach is based on the assumption that ability - is not reducible to knowledge and skills, but ensure their rapid acquisition, consolidation and effective use in practice.

In Soviet psychology experimental research skills often are based on the latter approach. The largest contribution to its development was made known domestic scientist BM Teplov. He identified the following three main features of the concept of "capabilities" [5]

• The ability to understand individual psychological characteristics that distinguish one person from another; no one will talk about skills where it comes to properties for which all men are equal;

• ability not call any personality, but only those that are relevant to the success of any activity or multiple activities;

• the concept of "ability" is not limited to the knowledge, skills or abilities that are produced in a given person.

Psychology, denying the identity and abilities are important components of - knowledge, skills and abilities, emphasizes their unity. Abilities are only activity, and therefore only those activities that can not be done without these abilities [3].

Thus, the ability - is the individual psychological characteristics of personality, expressing its readiness to take up and success of business. Initial conditions for the development of skills are the natural inclinations with which the child is born.

2.2 Types of capabilities

The ability of people to share the above types of content and nature of activities in which they are found. There are general and special abilities [1].

General called abilities, which to some extent are in all of its activities. General ability to provide relative ease and efficiency in the assimilation of knowledge and execution of various activities. These are the ability to learn, general mental abilities, her ability to work. They rely on the general skills needed in every field of activity, including such as the ability to realize the objectives, plan and organize their implementation using the available tools in human experience, reveal relationships of things, depending on the activity, acquire new methods of work, to overcome difficulties in reaching our goals.

Under special abilities to understand abilities that are clearly in some special fields of activity (eg, drama, music, sports, etc.). General skills are special, that ability to a particular, specific activity. Special abilities defined by the objective requirements posed by man some branch of production, culture, art and more. Each special ability is a synthesis of certain personality traits that form its commitment to active and productive activity. Abilities are not only, but also formed a business. With the development of special abilities and develop their common side. High special abilities are based on a sufficient level of general abilities.

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