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Act II

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Act II

Even though I’ve read many books throughout my high school career, there’s one book written as a play that proves many sayings and theories. This book is none other than The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Miller portrays the true meaning of love and how hard it is to let the one you love slip out of your hands. As one reads Act II of this story, one can analyze the characterization of Elizabeth as well as John Proctor and their relationship. Or can they not? After one sees the situation between John and Abigail, one could then see why Elizabeth is faced with many questions as well as portraying herself as “cold” to John. No offense to women, but if their man cheated on them, they would act the same way as Elizabeth did.

Once John Proctor cheated on John, one obviously knew what was to come down the road with John and Elizabeth’s relationship. Does Elizabeth still love John? Of course she does, but she has every right in nature to be mad as can be towards John for what his actions led to. Elizabeth has every right to be called towards John Proctor because he’s the one who cheated on her and committed the wrong doing of a loving relationship. Throughout the second act, one could see how the motives of the main characters of the play come about. It shows how Proctor's love for his wife is genuine and how sorry he is for having committed adultery. His sin of having slept with Abigail, the chief accuser of the witch hunt, will greatly have an impact on the result of the play. Proctor hesitates to testify against Abigail, because he fears that his past sins will become

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