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Action Performance Companies

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Action Performance Companies

Action Performance Companies, Inc.




Action Performance Inc. is the leader in design, marketing, promotion, and distribution of licensed motor sports merchandise for the NASCAR circuit. (Action Performance, 1) The company was established in 1992. Action Performance is a conglomerate that produces sells, and distributes NASCAR racing products. Action Performance is able to hold the leading position in the merchandising arena of motor sports because they’ve had the opportunities to acquire companies that center on every part of licensed motor sports merchandise. The major subsidiaries of Action Performance are Revell, Winner’s Circle, and Action Racing Collectibles for die-cast collectibles. The companies that are used for the apparel lines are: Chase Authentics, and McArthur Towel and Sports Inc. Between every one of Action Performance’s companies they clutch over a hundred years of merchandising experience.

Understanding Action Performance Companies, Inc is needed to realize how they have excelled throughout their subsidiaries. Chase is the foremost apparel company, as well as, the single most worn brand in racing. Chase was acquired by ATN in 1998. Chase products are also sold trackside and in major department stores nationally. McArther Towel and Sports Inc. were acquired in 2002 by ATN and gave McArther the ability to broaden its products into the NASCAR industry.


Action Performance Companies has competition from several of the major retail merchandising companies in America. The primary competition ATN is Mattel, Inc., Hasbro, Marvel Enterprises, Inc., and Boyd Collection Ltd., Reebok, Nike, and Adams Golf. Action Performance Companies secondary competition is everything that can maneuver away consumers from ATN’s products such as, entertainment, sporting events, or any other type of discretionary income alternative.


Action Performance Companies, Inc., has a primary target market of men ages 16-45 years old that have a love for the racing industry. Secondary target market is any person that is able to watch or experience the racing industry.


Action Performance has a vast collection of products focused towards the racing industry. ATN is most known for their die-cast replicas collectible cars that represent thirty-three top race drivers of the NASCAR and Indy racing circuits. ATN is also the largest apparel distributor for the motor sports industry. Their apparel product lines range from t-shirts to hats to jackets. The products licensed for ATN are the top in the industry. One of the most innovative products that they offer their customers serves to promote awareness for other retailers or wholesalers in the industry. AP is a promoting firm that ATN uses and owns to help their middle-men create awareness for their stores.


I was unable to find any strong pricing tactics. ATN does not really give any price breaks or promotions such as coupons, or free shipping. ATN seems to stand basically on straight pricing strategies.


Action Performance has fifteen distributors throughout North America. The distributors are more locally planted throughout the southern regions due to the design that racing is extremely popular throughout the south. At the moment their distribution channels is their greatest difficulty. ATN presently uses a network of distributors. One of their strongest distribution channels is The QVC Channel they allocate a time block Friday nights especially to ATN product sales.


Currently, Action Performance Companies Inc. is working with DreamWorks Animation, Joe Gibbs Racing, Interstate Batteries, The Home Depot to promote their latest NASCAR racing special centered on the film, Madagascar. Tony Stewart and Bobby LaBonte will drive cars that promote the film at the Charlotte race. ATN is teaming up with Dale Jarrett and Kyle Petty to drive special Mother’s Day car at Darlington. Each of these promotion tactics target segments that are not their primary market. These programs are used to build awareness about ATN and to use a cause marketing approach to increase their reputation.


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