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Aeneas was a renowned champion during the Trojan War time period. As a young child Aeneas was raised by Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. His father Anchises was a mortal man and was afraid of his punishments for having slept with a goddess. Aphrodite assured him that as long as she was able to tend for Aeneas as a child and return him as a boy, the wrath of the gods will not be upon him. Anchises was told to say that Aeneas was raised by nymphs rather than by Aphrodite. Anchises followed these instructions, and Aeneas was returned to him later. Aeneas, even being the son of a goddess, still lived a life of adversity and misery.

As Aeneas grew older, he rose quickly through the ranks of the Trojan Army. Once the time of the Trojan War began, Aeneas was already placed in command of the Dardanian Army, one of Troy’s allies. He and his army conquered many of their opponents. They fought against many other epic heroes such as: Diomedes, Idomeneus, and the famous Achilles. Aphrodite, with the help of Apollo, had to save her son from many near-death experiences. Aeneas was aided back to the Citadel (holding the temple of Apollo) to fix his wounds when needed. Aeneas and his army were also saved by the god Poseidon when under the assault of Achilles. Beyond his army’s success, the rest of Troy was diminishing. The fall of Troy was inevitable and thus started the epic voyage of Aeneas and his Aeneads.

The Aeneads were a small group of soldiers under the leadership of Aeneas who followed him on his voyage to become the founder of Italy. As they neared Italy, a brutal storm blew them off course and into the shores of Carthage. Upon their approach of the city, they are warmly welcomed by Dido, the Queen of Carthage. Aeneas tells the stories of Troy and the Greek siege, and they are given shelter and supplies for a short time. Dido and Aeneas later fell in love, and Aeneas forgot about his Destiny. The two lived together for a period of time until the gods reassured Aeneas that a glorious future awaited him in Italy. Aeneas and his men departed and later Dido committed suicide because she could not live without him.

Leaving Carthage, another storm struck, and they are blown to the island of Sicily. Many of the men, tired of the long voyage try to burn the ship, but the flames are put out by a monsoon. Aeneas leaves the men

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