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Africa and Latin America Invaded by Europeans

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Africa and Latin America Invaded by Europeans

During (c)1750-1914 both Africa and Latin America Europeans invaded but in Africa they had a mix of peaceful Europeans as well as non-peaceful Europeans and In Latin America they had only non-peaceful Europeans. In Latin America they were constantly fighting with the Europeans for their independence, while in Africa they both fought and helped the Europeans. also in both Africa and Latin America some used to hate abolitionists then decided it better to free slaves.

In Africa they supplied napoleon of France with grain and olive oil even supplies napoleon with enough grain to invade Egypt. Poor European settlers took over the Africans rich coastal lands during this peaceful Europeans were coming over to their land. The peaceful Europeans wanted to discover Africa’s secrets:

1. the course of their rivers 2. assess mineral wealth 3. of course like all Europeans they cant go in to a country without trying to convert them to Christianity

They discovered all of these mysteries. David Livingstone is an example of a peaceful European Scottish missionary sent to convert them to Christianity. no one ever gave Livingstone any problems. As soon as the Niger river was discovered entrepreneurs began sending scouts for potential trading areas. Most of the trade consisted of slaves as well as African exports like vegetable oils gold and ivory. With slave trade comes slave revolts humanitarians and religious reformers called an end to slavery. Ironically one of the worlds greatest slave traders the British became its most aggressive abolitionists even sent naval patrol to watch Africa’s coast for possible slave trading ships, Britain spent as much money fighting for free slaves as they made when they sold slaves. Some rulers in Africa like Asante said that reopening slave trade would be mutual profit for all. Trade satisfied other African desire for cloth metals and other goods euro traders brought to continue access to those imports Africans expanded their “legitimate” trade (export other than slave trade) they revived old exports like palm oil and gold Europeans used palm oil for vegetable oil soaps and candles. The British also fought slavery by taking over serria lacerna freeing the slaves and Christian ministries helped the slaves with getting back their lives by providing schools to educate them.

In Latin America Bolivar originally hated the idea of slavery then decided to support it to gain supporters Bolivar got help from decision to enlist demobilized English veterans

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