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Beginning of Time - Scientific Vs Biblical

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Beginning of Time - Scientific Vs Biblical

The creation of the universe is typically explained by two popular beliefs. One being the scientific explanation and the other being biblical explanation. These are two very different explanations and I believe ones religious beliefs can have a role in which explanation one chooses to follow. The scientific explanation is explained by the "Big Bang Theory". A basic definition of the "Big Bang Theory" is that the universe began at a specific time and has been cooling and expanding ever since. According to this explanation, a hot ball of energy expanded outward in all directions and in time radiation and matter began to rise. Gravity now comes in to play and draws the matter into dense regions. After billions of years this formed all things that exist now, stars, planets and galaxies.

In our text the biblical explanation for the creation of the universe is explained to us through "the Judeo-Christian Biblical account" of the creation of earth. The Judeo-Christian account is believed that "God made its first inhabitants, fashioning them out of clay, and breathing life into them". With this theory it is obvious to see the two explanations, scientific and biblical are very different. Scientific belief is the universe was created

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