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Biography of Albert H.

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Biography of Albert H.

Finale words of Albert h.

Where do we all go when "It" happens? I dare not mention it, it happened 1 year 3 months and 15 days ago. They left me everything, all the money, fame and problems. I don’t blame them for dying, who would want to live with me anyway. My name is Albert and I lived on 100 Washburn rd. in a town 4 kilometers off of Dublin, Ireland; a dead end street, I lived in the last house on it. The mansion, a 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 4 dining room giant. My butler Felix and I lived in my parent's house, I refused to call it mine. I slept in my parent’s bedroom, on their sheets, under their covers, and under their canopy. I used to be daddies little man, now when I stand on top of his grave I feel like I wasn't even supposed to been born. I talked to Felix a lot he was a friend of mine we had a father son bond. I don't know why I just wrote that it just made me feel worse.

My life doesn't even have a point anymore; it's just a toy waiting to be broken by a reckless child. Why do I even try? In 1983 we went to the beach and I asked my father why are we here, he told me because we are on vacation. Then I laughed and explained that I meant why are we alive. That was the first time he didn't know how to answer my question. My mother was a great woman my dad was her second husband, her first was very abusive I used to wonder if that's why she cried all those nights when I was young. She was a tall brunette with curly hair, a slim figure, and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I remember when we went to Egypt in 1984, three years ago when I was 13. My mother told me that I might have to fight off some mummies; that made me feel like the top of the world. Today I can't figure out why it did but it was a feeling like no other. They were great people and even greater parents.

It saddened me to hear that Felix was getting older and was going to pass soon too. Felix a tall gray haired man with caring black eyes. I was going to be all alone in the world it wouldn't be the same. It isn't any way with my parents gone but without him I would have nobody to go to, he was the only family I had left. Well Felix didn't have kids and wouldn't by the looks of it, so the Powers family tree would come to an end. Felix and I talked a lot,

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