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Cause of Globalization

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Cause of Globalization

Cause of Globalization

Isaac 2014.01.06

    Today is the 21th century. Technological advances allowed people to evolve. Globalization has become the trend of world development. So, how can we give a definition for “Globalization”? It means the world has become a global village. Advances in technology drive the development of the world. People are more intimate with interaction. Therefore, globalization can prompt people to grow from each other. This essay will discuss some causes for globalization, which are internet, television, and learning a foreign language.

    First, the Internet has an effect on globalization. It has become necessary for people. In the past, when people had to search for some information, they had to go to the library or the museum. Today, people just use “Google” or “Wiki”. It is useful to search for any information that you want to know. Furthermore, the Internet can help is to contact our friends for a short time in the world. For example, social networks have become the mainstream of interaction among people. In the past, people only could write letters or make a call. Nowadays, interacting in Facebook, sending an email, and chatting on “Line” software are becoming the mode of interaction by modern people. All of these examples can cause globalization.

    Secondly, television brings about globalization. People can watch different channels to know another country’s events. An example is watching news channels, like BBC, CNN, FOX, and NHK. The other example is watching education channels, like TLC, NGC, and Discovery. These channels not only enhance people’s knowledge but also bring about globalization. In addition, television is convenient to watch when you have free time.

    Thirdly, the underlying cause of globalization is that many people are learning a foreign language. People just need to learn the main languages in the world, like English, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. This can help people to meet friends in the world and understand their culture. In addition, not only can we know some main languages in the world, but also it is practical to travel worldwide.

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