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Class Airlines

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Class Airlines

1. The primary function of business research is to:

a. provide the solution to a business problem.

b. attempt to predict future behavior.

c. identify personal needs.

d. provide information to assist managers in making decisions.

2. Which of the following is basic rather than applied research?

a. Impact of sleep deprivation on work efficiency

b. Effect of stress on productivity

c. The relationship between leadership traits and corporate success

d. Work towards the discovery of a possible new element

3. If the objective of the research is to find out who, what, where, when, or how much, what type of study would you conduct?

a. Descriptive c. Case study

b. Causal d. Informal

4. Which one of the following statements is true with respect to the scientific method?

a. Emphasizes the use of “reason” for problem solving

b. Appeals to authority

c. Utilizes hypothesis testing

d. Provides answers to ethical statements

5. The first step in the scientific method is:

a. Formulating a hypothesis

b. Analyzing the experimental results

c. Replicating the study to ensure reliability

d. Scientific thinking

6. A(n) __________ is a proposition that is empirically testable.

a. Dependent variable c. Hypothesis

b. Experiment d. Independent variable

7. Drawing a conclusion on the basis of observation or particular facts:

a. Rationalism c. Prediction

b. Deductive reasoning d. Inductive reasoning

8. Which of the following is something that a proposal will NOT tell the reader?

a. What will be done c. What the results will be

b. Why it will be done d. What is the benefit of doing it

9. _______________ research is conducted to clarify the nature of problems.

a. Clarification c. Descriptive

b. Exploratory d. Causal

10. What type of research study tracks changes over time?

a. Vertical c. Horizontal

b. Cross-sectional d. Longitudinal

11. Which of the following would NOT be considered a qualitative research approach?

a. Focus groups c. Observation

b. Interviews d. Benchmarking

12. The main goal of causal research is:

a. to directly seek the cause of a problem.

b. to identify cause-and-effect relationships between variables.

c. to clarify the nature of problems.

d. to provide a conclusive statement about the characteristics of a particular population or phenomenon.

13. ___________ data is gathered and assembled specifically for the project at hand.

a. primary c. soft

b. secondary d. hard

14. The most common method of generating primary data is through:

a. surveys c. experiments

b. observation d. secondary research

15. Which of the following is NOT an example of primary data collection?

a. telephone survey of wholesalers

b. computerized literature research to learn about forecasts of the economy

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