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Classification Of Restaurant Customers

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Classification Of Restaurant Customers

Restaurant Customers

At some point in your life you will earn the responsibilities of server. A majority of you will spend your time serving customers in a restaurant setting, where you may be more commonly known as a waiter or waitress. Your customers belong to a special group of customers that can be broken down into five different types. These different types of customers each require an appropriate kind of service. The better you are at delivering the appropriate services the better server you will become and the more job satisfaction and tips you will receive. This is why it is important for you to know how to recognize what type of customer you are serving.

The first type of restaurant customers you should get to know is the regulars. These are the customers that come in as often as two times a week. You will be able to recognize the regular's as they walk through the door. The host will greet them using their first names. The waiters and waitresses will all know them by name also. When you are serving them, you should introduce yourself and quickly memorize their names. If they get the same thing every time, you should also memorize their order. The regulars come in often because they enjoy the comfortable feeling of the familiar faces and being well known by all the employees. You can get to know these people on a more personal level, and always treat them as kindly as possible since you know they will be back soon.

Another type of restaurant customers is the loners that come into the restaurant to eat by themselves. They may bring something to read or paperwork to do with them. They are usually very polite and don't require much service. Just make sure their drinks are filled and they get their food right away and they will be happy. Once they are finished eating, they usually leave right away. This is good because the more customers you seat at a table in a night, the more chances you will have to make tips.

The most horrible type of customers is the fussers. These people like to complain about pretty much everything and anything they can think of. They will tell you the food is cold or it doesn't taste right, the table is too big or too small, the silverware is dirty and maybe it's just a water spot, or the air conditioner is set too low, and any other complaint that they think is relevant. They are usually rude and cannot be pleased. You may notice that these persnickety customers tend to be older women. It is nearly impossible to please these people so don't take it personally. And even though

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