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Coffee Culture in India

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Coffee Culture in India

Coffee Culture in India

Coffee has changed loyalties. ... Strongly influenced by the Italian espresso bar, the cafй latte culture has become a rage all around the world.

India’s not far behind

Coffee Cafй Culture is not new to India. The first wave was set in motion thanks to the efforts of the Indian Coffee Cess Committee way back in 1936 and resulted in the opening up of India Coffee Houses all over the country. ... The trail of the reinvented coffee shop started in Bangalore, the Coffee Capital of India. ... This particular outlet is where the contemporary trend in coffee-pubbing started, and it now has a special place in the history of coffee retailing in India. ... It was early days for the internet in India and coffee shops were either of the 5 star hotel or Udupi variety. ...

Since 1996, when Cafй Coffee day was the first commercial Internet service provider in India, the scene has evolved significantly, and the rapid increase in home Internet connections has meant a decline in the cyber revenue stream. ... And Barista looms large on the horizon!

Barista Coffee Company Limited

The word Barista means a bartender / expert in the brewing and making of coffee, and is Italian in origin. ...

As Managing Director of Barista, Ravi Deol says, “At Barista, we do not just serve coffee, we serve a lifestyle. ... While there are many who sell coffee, it is important to for Barista to differentiate its offering from its competitors. While all the other competitors like Qwikys, Coffee Day, talk about providing an experience, it is only Barista that has been able to really do it. ... The first thing Barista offers you is an overpowering

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