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Coffeetime Recommendations

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Coffeetime Recommendations

CoffeeTime Recommendations

Team Paper

University of Phoenix

MBA 510


TO: Whom it may concern

FROM: Business Development (International Operations)

DATE: November 2007

SUBJECT: CoffeeTime

Multiple Regression Model

Laura Jones, CoffeeTime’s statistical expert, built a multiple regression model based on CoffeeTime’s advertising expenditures and price index. Multiple regression analysis is often used to relate a dependent variable (e.g., CoffeeTime’s weekly revenue) with several independent variables (e.g., CoffeeTime’s and Quick Brew’s advertising expenditures and CoffeeTime’s price index) (Lind, et al., 2005).

CoffeeTime has hired a media marketing firm to acquire Quick Brew’s advertising expenditures each week (UOP, 2007). CoffeeTime also monitors its price index which indicates the customer’s effective price (UOP, 2007). The price index is affected by inflation, seasonal coffee availability, and in-store promotions. Inflation and availability increase the index, while promotions decrease the index (UOP, 2007).

Based on the selection of all normal values, Laura computed the multiple R to be 0.738 and the R-square to be 0.546. When she used lagged values, she computed the multiple R to be 0.755 (slightly higher) and the R-square to be 0.570 (again, slightly higher). This shows that the lag values of the independent variables had

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