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Company Growth

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Company Growth

F&M Mafco (F&M) is a family owned and ran business with a strong history of providing quality service to all customers. Since 1946 F&M has been a distributor to other businesses, from humbling beginnings of supplying balloons for rubber to currently supplying companies with cranes and other heavy duty material. The reason F&M has been able to move forward from a two person operation to an international supplier is by maintaining their organizational structure. F&M has been able to avoid major setbacks in the communication department by setting up and implementing a direct communication process. Each employee has someone that they can immediately get answers to questions that they may have. The owners of F&M also have delegated power to the managers and with that power each manager controls their area. This process gives the employee the opportunity to know exactly who they need to speak with and it helps eliminate the possibility of questions going unanswered. As stated on the company website they seek to grow in the fields of mechanical, electrical, rigging, and fabrication as well as expand to other fields. Despite the fact that F&M has developed into an international company they still manage to stick to their initial goals and standards which is to provide quality products in an efficient manner and fair price. Similar to other companies they also offer fair wages and many opportunities for advancement, when a position opens with the company they always go to great lengths to fill the position with a current employee before looking outside the company. In addition to offering advancements they also offer a safe working environment for their employees, and also the surrounding environment by eliminating waste and inefficiency. As stated many times

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