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Being one of the worlds leading manufacturers and marketers in cosmetic industries, Estee Lauder has been well known for its iconic spoke models also known as the faces of Estee lauder. Estee Lauder chose carefully the models for advertising her products, selecting the "Estee Lauder kind of woman," rather than a movie star .I'm surprise to know that Estee Lauder is a company that only uses one model for their cosmetic ad campaigns. According to American Vogue: "Estee Lauder don't just have cover girls, they launch legends". In other words the super model they chose to represent them can be said as the super of the super model. Current faces for Estee Lauder will be Carolyn Murphy, one of the world's top fashion models. Carolyn Murphy has always been a household name among fashion industry. She is modern yet traditional. "Not only is she beautiful, but she really does represent the modern Estee Lauder woman." Carolyn Murphy having the "chameleon face" manages to look so different in the ad campaigns which have already been shot as Lauder remarks that it's impressive "Carolyn is multidimensional", so to me , I have no doubt that Carolyn is the human icon of Estee lauder as she fits in the criteria of being one.

Other than the current iconic spokes models, Estee lauder past spokes model are equally high in standard. Former Estee Lauder faces are Willow Bay, who represented the brand in the Seventies, and Karen Graham, the Eighties Lauder girl who preceded Paulina Porizkova. The only few reasons I realize why they change their spokes model is because the message they want to convey to the public has changed, the target group changes or they found someone who can convey the message to their targeted group of consumer better. For example, Carolyn Murphy was chosen for her "classic American style". Karen Graham was chosen during the eighties as Estee lauder aimed its products at upper-income women, at expensive prices. Estee Lauder's strategy in the late 1980s was to move away from working-class women and target young, sophisticated, middle-class women so Paulina Porizkova was chosen but not long after she were being replaced by Elizabeth Hurley.

To my amaze, Estee lauder ads were a reflection of Mrs. Lauder's own idea of a woman of taste and sophistication. Take 1981 ad as an example, their targeted group is the high end consumer, upper income women. Thus, the ads had to project luxury. Various props were used - dolls, horses, and, curiously, a framed photograph of Nicolas II, the last czar of Russia. The ad campaigns were mainly meant to project traditional, Old World elegance. Directly convey the message to the consumers that it's so elegant that maybe only princess like you should have one. I'm amazed by the way she wanted the ad to be and look like, not anyone can do that. What's more she's not an advertising designer.

Talking about advertising, I really think that she is super good in marketing. Of course I have no doubts in her cosmetic skill. She turned a kitchen blended face cream business into an international cosmetics empire. If you are wondering she easily make it to the top of international cosmetics empire, then you are wrong, what she had done , the confidence, perseverance and believes really touch me. What she had said is very essential if you want a successful business .She believes in "Great faces sell great products";" "There are no ugly women - only women who don't care or who don't believe they are attractive" .Much of her initial

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