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Developing Strategic Managment and Leadership Skill

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Developing Strategic Managment and Leadership Skill

successful leader needs high internal locus of control to get more success in his profession. External locus of control is not so much useful now days.

Goal Orientation - Businesses come and go, but those that last always share a common characteristic with their founder—a relentless drive to accomplish goals. They understand what the priorities are and continue to work at toward that goal, day in and day out. A leader need to be goal oriented to become successful.

Optimism – A leader need to be optimistic to become persuade his team members. Until and unless a leader is not optimistic, the team will not get good results. Here the optimistic means to see an opportunity in every difficult situation.

Courage – A leader need to have high level of courage because a leader come across many difficulty situations continuously and to face these problems he needs high level of courage.

Tolerance to Ambiguity - This term refers to a person's tolerance to uncertainty and risk. A leader needs to be tolerable to face the difficult situations. Some time such situations come before the leaders that it is difficult for the leaders to control their emotions and motivate but they need to do so to keep the moral of their team at high level.

Strong Internal Motivation - The motivation that drives our behavior comes from two sources: internal (intrinsic) and external (extrinsic). Intrinsic factors include constructs like needs, desires, motives, and will power. Extrinsic factors include any type of motivational influence from the environment such as rewards and punishments. A leader needs to be highly motivated from inside to face the current days business difficulties.

Power and Leadership


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