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Diagnosing the Narrator from 'fight Club'

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Diagnosing the Narrator from 'fight Club'

The 1999 film 'Fight Club' features a list of characters that are anything but psychologically stable, the best example of which is the nameless Narrator and main character of the film. The Narrator, as the original novel calls him, has numerous psychological issues that drive the entire plot of the film, but are only slowly revealed. Of the most obvious and apparent by the end are Insomnia, Schizophrenia, and Multiple Personality Disorder.

The Narrator is a businessman who works for a car manufacturer. His job is to investigate fatalities caused by car malfunctions and decide whether or not it is the right move financially to initiate a recall. That is, if the lawsuits from the deaths outweighed the cost it would take to recall the defective cars, the company would recall the cars and vice versa. Obviously, not the easiest job to do with a clear conscious , so it is no wonder that he has trouble sleeping. He looks for a doctor to give him a prescription to help him sleep, but instead the doctor recommends he goes to a Cancer support group to see what real suffering is. There, the Narrator is able to find catharsis and sleep well at night. Eventually the Narrator meets the character named Tyler Durden, who leads him to a lifestyle of anarchy and anti-materialism, culminating in the destruction of the America's major banks and the revelation that Tyler is the Narrator's split personality.

The Narrator has Insomnia, Schizophrenia, and a Multiple Personality Disorder. The Insomnia

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