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Does Us Media Threaten Singapore’s Identity

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Does Us Media Threaten Singapore’s Identity

In a country that encompasses a good mix of East and West such as Singapore, it is undeniable that US media is prevalent. As more television shows, radio programs, movies, news channels, internet websites and magazines are being produced in the United States, the same soaring amount of products are being introduced to this society. Despite this, however strong the influence of American media, the values and traditions of this country are twice as powerful. Although US media does arguably affect and influence the general public to a certain extent, it does not threaten Singapore’s national identity.

Recognizing the fact that even though there are positive aspects of importing US media into Singapore, there is also a responsibility in ensuring the stability of and reinforcing the nation’s values and principles. The government understands the importance in keeping one’s nation’s culture, and in an effort to enhance the country’s cultural heritage, a set of values was introduced in 1988 by then Deputy Minister Mr. Goh Chok Tong. Aptly named “5 Shared Values,” it covers principles such as, “Nation before community and society before self, Family as the basic unit of society, Community support and respect for the individual, Consensus, not conflict and Racial and religious harmony” (Association for Asian Research 2003). As the sphere of US media seem to expand in Singapore, the general public still adhere

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