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Feline Hiv - Argumentative

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Feline Hiv - Argumentative

Feline HIV: Argumentative

Feline HIV is a very serious disease which can afflict any cat at anytime in ones average 18 to 20 year life span, although many people in the world do not take such a disease of this matter seriously there are many individuals who have become grief stricken by the death of a family feline, a death that could have been prevented. The argument which will be put forward shall elaborate more so on why I have chosen this certain topic, how Feline HIV is important to my self, how Feline HIV has touched me personally, and why specifically I chose Feline HIV.

To begin with, the magazine was strewn upon the kitchen table; CATfancy, the magazine’s title jumped put at me, I had always been a fan of the cat fancy periodical but there was something other than the fluffy Calico smoke shorthair on the cover that caught my interest: Many cats in America are at high risk of contracting FHIV. From that day forward, which if I can recall probably was at the very least 10 years ago, I have been fascinated with the disease and have tried to help spread the word of trying to keep ones cat happy and healthy, at the very least taking ones furry friend to a local veterinarian for a yearly check up.

Another equally important reason that the topic of FHIV is important to me is how close it can hit home. Only a year ago was I visiting with a close friend of mine, my companion was very upset over the death of her cat Mickey, I provided solace and tenderly asked how the cat had passed on. My friend answered back that the cat had passed away shortly after coming in contact with another cat that was FHIV positive, I

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