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Fema Fearful of Toxic Tin Cans

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Fema Fearful of Toxic Tin Cans

FEMA Fearful of Toxic Tin Cans

The fallout for FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, from its poor response to Hurricane Katrina has not ceased to haunt the federal agency. CBS news now reports that there is widespread belief that formaldehyde is a major health problem with the more than 50,000 temporary trailers used by FEMA to house the tens of thousands of displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina. It seems obvious that the humane response would be to inspect these trailers for formaldehyde contamination. This inspection should include not only the unoccupied trailers but those that are currently occupied as well. Unfortunately up to this point, a logical and humane response has not been forthcoming from FEMA. In fact, e-mails have been sent by FEMA instructing all of its employees not to enter any of the trailers, not even to test for formaldehyde. This policy shows concern for the FEMA employees but no regard for the citizens who are currently housed in the potentially toxic trailers. Representative Henry Waxman, the chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, recently called this position by FEMA an “incredible double standard”. How can it be possible

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