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Global History Essay - Exploration and Colonization Movements

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Global History Essay - Exploration and Colonization Movements

Global History Essay

Exploration and colonization movements are major forces that have changed the relationships between people in many different areas of the world. Slave Trade caused by mercantilism was a great affect on the Africans. Sugar cane & sugar plantations were exported to Europe. Between 16c & 19c, about 10 million Africans shipped to the Americas.

Mercantilism also affected Europe. New plants we exported to Europe like: squash, avocado, cocoa, peanut, pumpkin, pineapple, tomato, peppers, tobacco, vanilla, and sweet potatoes. Mercantilism also killed many Native Americans. This is the cause for the slave trade in Africa.

The triangle trade is a trade started from Europe which goes down to Africa from Africa to America and then back to Europe. The triangle trade did not have much affect on America except that it brought slaves to the new world. Europe was getting rich out of the triangle trade because they traded with the Africans for slaves. Then when they got the slaves they would go to the new world and sell them and get new foods and plants and bring it back to Europe and do it all over again. Africa was great affected by this. Mass mayhem was unleashed on Africa because of this. Tribes were attacking each other

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