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Gradgrind’s Faults

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Gradgrind’s Faults

Casey Martin P. 1

English 3

Ms. Tarpey


Gradgrind’s Faults

Gradgrind demonstrates a certain philosophy throughout most of the novel. Self-interest, and cold hard facts represent the main idea behind Gradgrind’s philosophy. Although this philosophy may not sound very evil or malicious, the repercussions of this philosophy were devastating to the relationships he had with his children and students. Gradgrind’s anti-imaginative method of teaching proved a failure in the society and did not prepare the children for real problems that they would eventually have to face. At times Gradgrind may seem a bit overzealous in his execution of this philosophy, for example, when Gradgrind catches Tom and Louisa peeking in on the circus show. Gradgrind clearly demonstrates his annoyance with his own children’s disregard of his rules and philosophies. The fact that Tom and Louisa spied on the performance is not what angers him, but the “fact” that he believes the circus to be a waste of time in which nothing can be learned. This occurrence clearly demonstrates a major theme in this book, and that theme is premonition. This event foreshadows later events in which the children will disregard Gradgrind’s teachings.

Perhaps the most obvious fault of Gradgrind’s lies in his irrationality. Even thought he claims to be very rational and even bases part of his philosophy on this, he still can not manage to think things through before jumping straight into his philosophy and bashing the dreams and fantasies of everyone. He simply does not understand or does not want to understand why people would enjoy doing things that will not teach them anything. Money, power, and intellect drive this man, and nothing can steer him away from his mind set, or so we thought.

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The dramatic

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