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Harvard Case Study - Sealed Air Corporation

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Harvard Case Study - Sealed Air Corporation


The Sealed Air corporation is committed to market leadership through technological innovation. Ten years ago, the company was first to market with a highly successful coated air-bubble packaging protection product, AirCap. However, market trends indicate a rapid displacement of coated bubble by a technologically inferior yet inexpensive uncoated product. Burgeoning demand for uncoated bubble poses a direct threat to the long-term viability of the technologically superior, premium priced AirCap.

Thus Sealed Air is situated at a critical standpoint. It can either continue to deal exclusively in the manufacture of high-end coated bubbles emphasizing performance over price, or segment the market by introducing an inferior, inexpensive uncoated bubble. To this end, this report will analyze the industry, competition, and company internal environment to assess the viability of targeting this low-end market segment. A strategic marketing plan for launching an uncoated product will follow.


2.1 Industry

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