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History of Coca Cola

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History of Coca Cola

History of Coca Cola

Coca Cola a company founded in 1885 by John Pemberton and his partner Frank Robinson has had a historic era in it's growth till 1970 passing through two owners and a number of people, managing it at the top which made Coca Cola what it is today. The company in the early 70's was at its critical stages of losing

its pre eminent position as the No.1 cola drink in U.S.A. to it's erst while competitor Pepsi Cola.

The company was owned by Ernst Woodruff since 1919 and was run by his son Robert Woodruff. Robert's leadership and financial skills had steered the company through number of battles with the Government and the bottlers by the fifties.

"Coca Cola ruled the soft drink world and its name, was universally known as that of any other product in commercial history." Thomas Oliver, The Real Coke, The Real Story.

" All told, to the Coca Cola executives of the sixties, the future looked bright. Everyone connected with Coca-Cola was making money. The policies of the past decades that would rock had not revealed themselves." Thomas Oliver, The Real Coke, The Real Story.

To the world that watched up beat Coke advertisements, packed coke for every picnic, had stocked Coke for every party, the Coca-Cola Company appeared huge and healthy throughout the seventies. But behind the scenes the executives were snared, in a very different drama, bickering among themselves, distracted by tangible issues and losing

sight of the heart of the matter - Coke itself.

The top executives of the Coca-Cola Company of the late seventies actually paid less attention to the marketing and sale of their central product. They were so caught up were they in dodging government allegation, fighting with bottlers

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