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Houston Miracle Analysis

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Houston Miracle Analysis

The leading country for public education is actually, faking it. False numbers are sent in, students are placed in programs they shouldn't be, or they are just asked to leave. So, how does all this play in? That our education system doesn't work. They want it to (hopefully), but keep going at it the wrong way. Without education there would be no workforce. So the system needs to work so that our economy can continue to better. Although, schools that have more special needs children, not necessarily those with birth defects or mental handicaps, but even children from other countries that are unable to speak english. But, it's not necessarily the children that need to be improved, it's just the reported quota that needs to be improved, no matter how it's done.

Hitler said "Education is poison", do we think so too? Because our education may be better than many other countries, but it definitely isn't at where it should be. Going back to the IQ test, does one number represent all that a student has learned or knows? If schools do not show continual improvement federal intervention may take place. Teachers need to do more than teach. They also need to inspire. With the inspiration and motivation, no student will be interested in the course and his or her GPA will drop and they will be at a higher risk of becoming a drop out. If the student has lost their inspiration, they may never get it back. Trying to simply take a dual enrollment class during the spring semester of high school was a struggle I did not win. Freshmen year, I just did what was needed and that was all, I ended the year with around a 2.4 GPA. So I was not eligible for the program for the first semester. I knew by the end of the semester I would have a 3.0 or higher GPA. At the beginning of the year I talked to my guidance counselor and she said, ok, come talk to me in my office. There

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