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Hr Roles and Responibilities

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Hr Roles and Responibilities

When discussing the changing role of human resources globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics are topics that must be included.

Globalization of human resources or International human resources can be complex and difficult at times. In today society meaning international human resources managers spend a great deal of time putting out fires of matters the issues with international human resources many managers have adopted an IHR strategy arising from the international growth. Because of which keeps the business values and goals align together. The strategic IHR is called the four C's which are complete, compensated, corporate culture, and cost. This strategic plan helps international human resources managers understand how the company will compete for employees, how employees will be compensated, how corporate culture will be defined, and the cost side of the equation of managing expenses and liabilities and global cost of living (Bruce Clay, 1982).

Technology in human resources is an aid to the human touch in the work force.

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