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Information Systems

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Information Systems

Why is this important topic? (This section describes the contribution your project will make to the particular problem or question it addresses, and more generally, to your field of interest. It should also describe any social, cultural, intellectual, practical, or theoretical implications of your research)

6. Approach and methodology: (In this section, you should give your outline of the topics that will be covered to answer your research question. What you will be explaining in the Introduction, Body and Conclusion parts of your report. The following section will give the reader the answers of "how" your chosen modes of analysis will enable you to accomplish your objectives and "how" you will analyze your data)

6. A) Research Design: (Here, you should explain the general way in which you intend to carry your research. Will it be based on a survey, interviews, examination of secondary data or a combination of methods? You should also explain why you have chosen your approach based on the most effective way of meeting your research objectives)

6. B) Data Collection: (In the data collection section, a detailed explanation about the data to be collected should be given. For example, you should

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