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Japanese Animation

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Japanese Animation


Japanese Anime

Anime, which is short for (animēshon) from the English word "animation", in the western world most popularly refers to the medium of animation originating in Japan, with distinctive character and background aesthetics that visually set it apart from other forms of animation (e.g. Walt Disney films, Warner Bros. short cartoons). (Baricordi, Andrea; Pelletier, Claude (2000). Anime: A Guide to Japanese Animation (1958-1988). Montreal, Canada: Protoculture).

In Japan, the word anime is used to refer to all forms of animated film from around the world. While some anime is entirely hand-drawn, computer assisted animation techniques are, in recent years, quite common. Storylines are typically fictional; examples of anime representing most major genres of fiction exist. Anime is broadcast on television, distributed on media such as DVD and VHS, or included in computer and video games. Anime is often influenced by Japanese comics known as “manga”.

The American market for anime and related products has been growing by leaps and bounds: in

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