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Jetblue Airways Corporation

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Jetblue Airways Corporation

JetBlue Airways Corporation is a passenger airline that we believe has established a new airline

category —a "value airline" —based on service, style, and cost. Known for its award-winning customer

service and free TV as much as for its competitive fares, JetBlue believes it offers its customers the best coach

product in markets it serves with a strong core product and reasonably priced optional upgrades.

Our Value Proposition

Our mission is to bring humanity back to air travel. As we entered our second decade of operations in

2010, we continued to work toward our goal to become "the Americas' Favorite Airline" —for our employees

(whom we refer to as crewmembers), customers, and shareholders. We believe our achieving this goal is

dependent upon continuing to provide superior customer service in delivering the JetBlue Experience while

maintaining financial strength. We do this by offering what we believe to be the best domestic coach product

and providing our customers more value for their purchases, while maintaining a low cost structure relative to

our superior product level. During 2010, we continued to make investments to better position us for our future

growth and success, including the implementation of a comprehensive customer service system, which has

enabled us to add functionalities and enhance the JetBlue experience, as well as modifying our fleet schedule,

and expanding our route network. The elements of our value proposition include:

High Quality Service and Product. Onboard JetBlue, customers enjoy a distinctive flying experience,

which we refer to as the "JetBlue Experience." This includes friendly, award-winning, customer serviceoriented

employees, new aircraft, roomy leather seats with the most legroom in coach, 36 channels of free

DirecTV», 100 channels of free XM satellite radio and premium movie channel offerings from JetBlue

Features», our source of first run films from multiple major movie studios, and other entertainment features

available for purchase. Our onboard offerings include free and unlimited brand name snacks and beverages,

premium beverages and specially-designed products for our overnight flights. Our customers have told us the

JetBlue Experience is an important reason why they choose us over other airlines.

We strive to communicate openly and honestly with customers about delays and service disruptions. We

introduced the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights in 2007 which provides for compensation to

customers who experience avoidable inconveniences (as well as some unavoidable circumstances) and

commits us to perform at high service standards and holds us accountable if we do not. We are the first and

currently the only U.S. major airline to provide such a fundamental benefit to our customers. In 2010, we

completed 98.1% of our scheduled flights. Unlike most other airlines, we have a policy of not overbooking

our flights.

All of our aircraft are equipped with leather seats in a comfortable single class layout. Our Airbus A320

aircraft, with 150 seats, has a wider cabin than both the Boeing 737 and 757, two types of aircraft operated by

many of our competitors. Our Airbus A320 cabin has at least 34 inches of seat pitch at every seat and as

much as 38 inches of seat pitch in our Even More Legroom rows, providing the most legroom in coach of all

U.S. airlines. Our EMBRAER 190 aircraft each have 100 seats that are wider than industry average for this

type of aircraft and are arranged in a two-by-two seating configuration with either 32 or 33 inches between

rows of seats. We continually

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