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Learning from Geese

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Learning from Geese

Flock Together

Our society isn’t as perfect as it seems. We still have a lot to learn. We can do this by observing other animals. The geese are a sophisticated group of birds. The way they work resembles how we run our society. They work together, making their group stronger as a whole. Our society, though very complex and advanced is still far from ideal. If our society followed the customs of the geese we would benefit greatly. By working together as a whole, our society would grow and have the ability to move faster. To the same degree as the geese, they fly in a “V” shape creating uplift for the following geese. This allows them to travel faster, earn a greater fly range, and make it easier for the following geese to fly by using less energy. Moreover, the geese help one another when injured/wounded. If our society followed this then more would follow the “Good Samaritan” rule that has been diminished in our society. Subsequently, we would

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