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Lifestyle in Different Culture

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Lifestyle in Different Culture

Why people behave differently is an interesting case study. I wonder identical twins born of the same genetic endowment behave differently. People are from different culture and which affect how they behave. Interactions, dressing, cuisine , is totally different. Family culture is also a factor that influenced people's behavior, family upbringing and ideology. I remember when I was a kid with my parents , when a visitor comes I must greet with my kneels on ground, this shows sign of respect to elders while in other family from different tribe might not believe in that ideology. Etiquette base on grooming has great impact on one's behavior in society such as courtesy ,self-consciousness. In a mix culture environment, one have to learn to be tolerant due to mix feeling and lifestyles.

Lifestyle can have positive or negative effect on behavior , with the advent of technology where the world has become a global village, teenagers and young children log on to internet makes friend on facebook exchange peasantry and make some useful networking among themselves , make use of internet resources for learning and it has help higher grade student in their studies and research work. While other watch films, visit phonographic site, play game without consciousness which might affect their educational performance and bad exposure to societal practices. In such case parent has to enforce parental control tools on their devices. This behavior depend on moral and values impacted from their parents.

There are lot of factors that can make people behave differently, some are listed and explained below


State of mind


Friends and peer group

Culture and exposure


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