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Manager’s Job

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Manager’s Job

Manager's Job

In order to describe what managers do, it is essential if we identify their functions and roles in an organization. Robbins et al (2006) defined �managers’ functions’ as activities and duties that managers do as they coordinate the work of others while �managers’ roles’ as specific categories of management behavior.

First we looked at the managers’ functions point of view. Fayol (1949) divided managers’ functions into five which are planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Planning means to examine the future and come up with the action plan. Organizing means to provide the business with everything useful to its functioning. Commanding means to maintain activity among the personnel. Coordinating means to harmonize all activity and effort. Controlling means to make sure that everything occurs according to established rules and expressed commands.

Today, the management function had been condensed to four which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Robins et al, 2006).

Managers’ job also can be defined as their role in the organization. Mintzberg (1973) identified 10 manager’s roles which are figurehead, leader,

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