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Marketing Research Report on a Multiplex

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Marketing Research Report on a Multiplex



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Establishment of a Catchment Area

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Expected Pattern of Usage

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Research Process

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Questionnaire (primary data collection)

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Limitations of the Research Process

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Competitor Analysis

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Fee Structure

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Canterbury can justifiably be said to be one of the most famous cities in all of Kent. Though geographically its size should qualify it as a village the presence of a cathedral ensures its status as a city. It also boasts two regional theatres, a rich and varied selection of shops and restaurants business and educational opportunities in the form of Two Universities and two higher education establishments. The fact that the Cathedral happens to be the focal point of the Church of England means that Canterbury is also at the very heart of British history and culture and, as such, represents a worldwide household name attracting some five million visitors a year to the City and East Kent. This includes tourists from all over the world as well as French and other students from European schools on daytrips. The close proximity to Dover and subsequently the continent facilitates this. Housing over 135,278 residents, and with a considerably large student population of over 28000 enrolled in the University of Kent and the Canterbury Christ Church University alone (14,280 enrolled in the University of Kent , and almost 14,000 enrolled in Canterbury Christ Church University ), the city’s local population makes it a lively place to be in as well, Particularly so, when classes are in session. In addition to attracting students from all over the United Kingdom the University of Kent also has one of the highest percentages of international students in the country

Too much . keep key figures (i.e. student numbers)

Multiplex cinemas:

Multiplex cinemas have evolved from what they have been since its inception. This holds true for every multiplex in any area, and Canterbury is no exception. Multiplexes have a lot to offer other than just watching a movie. At present multiplexes have to provide a lot of leisure activities such as shopping, eating, drinking and much more.

It is evident that Canterbury has a lot of potential for a multiplex cinema. The biggest advantages of a multiplex over a stand alone cinema are as follows:

Better capacity utilization: Ideally multiplexes should have auditoria with varying seating capacity. As the movie goes through its lifecycle, the multiplex operator can progressively shift it to smaller auditoriums, thus optimizing capacity utilization and exploiting its potential to the hilt.

Better yield: Multiplex operators can run movies for a longer duration by

Progressively shifting it to smaller auditoria. Since the distributor share

decreases progressively, the multiplex operator gets a better yield from the

tickets sold in the later weeks (since the ticket price does not come down).

Expand potential audience: Multiplexes can screen a range of movies varying in genre thus addressing a larger potential audience at one point in time.

While putting up a multiplex one has to keep in mind various factors like frequency of visits, motivational factors to attend a cinema etc. These variables differ from group to group.

To understand these variables it is important to undergo a research process which is conducted in the

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