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Mason Outline

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Mason Outline


* Physical Aspects

* Masons are a worldwide fraternal organization also known as the Freemasons or Masonics. While many people see it as religious organization, it really isn’t. It is more of a place for men to meet and be religious in their own religions rather than being confined to church meetings.

* Masons practice in lodges (what a Mason group is called) and the buildings that they practice in are called temples. The oldest is the United Grand Lodge of England (also known as UGLE), located in London.

* Masons are primarily men but there are documented cases where a woman has been admitted into a lodge. One of these cases occurred when a woman saw the proceedings of a lodge through a hole in the wall of her father’s house and was admitted because she had seen secret practices. She was an active member of the lodge until she died and was given the honor of a Mason funeral.

* Women can join the sister group, called The Order of the Eastern Star. Mainly these are the wives and daughters of Master Masons (the highest level that can be attained in a lodge).

* “Religious” Aspects

* Many lodges forbid the discussion of religion or politics within the confines of the temple. This is so that people can keep an open mind during ceremonies and activities.

* As stated before, Masons are not a religion, but are a religious group. You must believe in a higher being to be admitted.

* Accepts members from any monotheistic religion but will also accept Buddhists and Hindus. Most members are Protestant because they don’t historically have a very good relationship with the Catholics.

* Masons are seen as an offshoot of the Knights Templar and as an arm of the Priory of Sion (made famous by Dan Brown in The DaVinci Code). While there are people who will deny it, there is documentation that they are connected to these groups. This is one of the reasons that they historically don’t have a good relationship with the Catholic church (some say that the Priory of Sion is trying to unveil truths about Christ that the Vatican has been trying to hide for hundreds of years).

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