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Models of Decision Making

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Models of Decision Making

Models of Decision Making

Decisions made by our new managers are causing problems in the day-to-day operations of our school. Senior management is becoming increasingly frustrated with the problems and has asked for assistance in implementing a plan to assist them with their decision-making. The areas that Senior Management sees as deficient are in the manager’s ability to hire qualified Admissions Representatives and the ability to enroll students into the programs and shifts that are offered in a given term. I am proposing that we train the Associate Director of Admissions and the Enrollment Coordinator to use the MAUT (multi-attribution utility theory) decision-modeling tool to assist them in making these important business decisions. The following will be covered:

1. Model for Hiring Admissions Representatives

2. Enrolling Program Specific

3. Will the utilization of the worksheets result in subjective or objective decisions?

4. Will the decisions be rational or irrational?

Hiring Admissions Representatives

Hiring the right person in the admissions department is crucial to the success of the

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