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Motivation in Marketing

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Motivation in Marketing

The product that I recently bought was the MacBook, the Apple laptop. At the time I bought it, I have such a high level of drive that arouses me to satisfy the needs. I finally decide to reduce the tension, occurs from the discrepancy between my present state (of not having it) and my goal (owns a notebook), by buying it. The motivation I had then resulted from my needs, both utilarian and hedonic.

On the one hand, utilarian need implies my attention towards to objective and tangible attributes of the products. My utilarian need was the necessity of using the laptop to do homework, paperwork and presentations. On the other hand, there also existed a hedonic need, which was due to my subjective and emotional responses to the product and to the brand. I always like Apple laptop and I somehow can link the particular product to the Legally Blond movie. It could also be said that the hedonic need I had was my want, or the direction I can satisfy my needs (by buying MacBook instead of a laptop from the other brands). Thus, the utilarian need was responsible for the strength of my motivation while the hedonic need contributed to the direction of my motivation.

The two needs above can describe the cause of my motivation to buy the product well; however, there were also other reasons of my purchasing. I think what mainly makes me buy the Apple MacBook instead of any other laptops is the need for uniqueness because MacBook has a lot more distinctive qualities and functions. Its software is also impressively functional and smart. This accentuates my identity well.

Moreover, by considering the Maslow Hierarchy, I could observe that the reason of the MacBook being

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