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Movie Review Remember the Titans

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Movie Review Remember the Titans

1: In my eyes I thought that Coach Boone had more of a directive leadership style to his coaching. In the start of the movie he stated that the team was a dictatorship and that he was the dictator. He set goals that had to be meet as a team, the team had to be perfect. He forced all the players to get to know each other in order to get them past the racial barrier. He demanded the players to respect each other, in order to improve the team cohesiveness. Coach Boone controlled the players, set defined performance standards, and clearly told them what he expected from them.

On the other hand I believe that Coach Yoast is a supportive leader. In the very beginning of the movie when Coach Yoast announces that he will be taking the year off, the entire team from the previous team stated they wouldn’t play for Coach Boone. Coach Yoast didn’t want these young men to mess up their future by quitting so he came back as an assistant coach. During the training camp Coach Yoast told Coach Boone that “there’s a fine line between tough and crazy, and you’re flirting with it”. Coach Yoast said this because he thought that Coach Boone was working the players too hard.

2. Coach Boone was able to demonstrate charismatic leadership. At the start of the movie Coach Boon stated every thing he demanded of the players. At the end of the movie during the State Championships Coach Boone said that “you boys are doing all that you can do, anyone can see that, win or lose we are going to walk out of this stadium with our heads held high. Do you best, that’s all anybody can ask for.” After hearing that one of the players started talking about how he demanded perfection, and till this point they have given perfection and they were going to leave with perfection. Right there is the one point where Coach Boone was able to inspire emotion into the players and have them identify with himself.

Was this ethical or unethical? I would say its borderline. Sometimes hard times call

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