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My Culture- Italian

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My Culture- Italian

By being Italian, I was given the gift of a large and joyous family. The delicious food and the beautiful music are all part of my culture. When I was born into a half Italian family, I was given the last name of Antonacchio which allows everyone to recognize that I am Italian. Being Italian has affected my life in many ways which can not all be described at once.

The food is probably the best part of an Italian Culture. We have so many different meals that taste delicious and look fabulous. The meals normally have many courses and are rich in pasta and vegetables. Dinner is normally served with the soft Italian music in the background. I adore the way my family eats special meals together; food basically brings the family closer together.

The music is wonderful to dance to at weddings and special occasions. It has a wonderful beat and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Children love dancing to Italian music and always find a way to entertain the adults. Almost all day, my family has Italian music playing in our house. The music has a calming effect

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