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New Develop on Internet Business

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New Develop on Internet Business

Subject: New redevelop on Internet Business

Executive Summary:

Over the thousands of years that people have engaged in commerce with other, it has adopted the tools and technologies that became available. The combined influence of continuing sales growth and rising operating costs has caused the company to consider whether it could move the entire sales operation onto the Internet.

In comprehending the potential impact of the Internet on the world economy, one should recognize that the technology has the ability to cut costs, increase competition and improve the functioning of price mechanisms in many markets.

Electronic commerce is one of the way can complete all the said as above. Ў§Electronic commerce mentions the use of electronic data transmission to implement or enhance business processes.ЎЁ (Biggs,1998)

Electronic Business connects small to medium-sized businesses to the Internet, electronic commerce, and global trade. No matter for any sized business, there also needs to provide all data files corrupt out of company.

Advertising & Promotion

Ў§Promotion is a process whereby information about the organizationЎ¦s product or service is encoded into a promotional message for delivery to the customer. Ў§(Ray, 1994) Promotion has variety of information send to customer, such as: Collateral promotion, Advertising, Direct marketing, Personal selling, Public relation and sales promotions.

For sales purpose promotion, there mainly have two; Personal selling and sales promotions. For other promotions, some are for building up the brand image and keep the customers relationship as a loyalty.

Sales promotion is an activity designed to offer higher temporary value to the customer; therefore, sales promotion management is a tool to supplement the pricing strategy for communicating information to customers.

Personal selling is the most expensive method per customer contact to deliver information to the market. It needs to find a new way of minimizing the costs associated with the delivery of information to the customers. Thus promotional planning must be perceived as a dynamic process that is continually being adapted to suite identified changing circumstances in the external market environment.

The traditional view of promotion is comprises all activities associated with communicating information about a product or service. The aim of these activities is to cause the customer to purchase the organizationЎ¦s output.

In the traditional media, surveys and panel studies permit the unique identification of customer by name, telephone number or address. On the Internet, the tendency of many service providers is to avoid investing in expensive audits to track customersЎ¦ behavior.

Another important variable is banner advertising from web site. It will display the links and the banner advertisement during the site visitor searching. It wills automatic pop up once you log in the pages. Once the site visitor interests on the bannerЎ¦s information, they can click into it and seek for detail.

The next issue in the reliability of reported measures is whether the requested page is actually received by the reader, and if received actually read. For example, the user may place a request, decide it is taking too long to download, and terminate the session. The issue of whether the downloaded page is actually read is no different that the problems faced by the traditional media. People may have their TV on but there is no guarantee that there somebody watching. Similarly, a person may buy a magazine but only look at certain pages.

Electronic promotions mean that companies need to re-examine carefully the aims of the sales force strategy, implementing revisions where these are required.

For Electronic promotions, e-mail messages to the customers and potential customers to announce new products, new product features, or sales on existing products. Also, E-coupon is another method for promotions; The Internet provides a much large universe for the distribution of coupons that the mere offer of such savings via an advertisement in a local newspaper.


Traditional bookstores must stock up to 160days worth of inventory to provide the kind of in-store selection people want. Yet they must pay distributors and publishers 45 to 90 days after they buy the books.

Compare with the traditional bookstores, electronic bookstores do not need to stock up that much and you can even just pay a small fee to waive the minimum physical order as the lichen book copies. Moreover, it can have various versions such as soft copies and hard copies whatever choose. Thus, it relied on the existing distribution structure, the warehouse only for the

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