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Novice Vs. Professional Surfers

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Novice Vs. Professional Surfers

Novice Vs. Professional Surfers

As time moves forward, a surfer’s mind and body grow with ability. From a novice to professional surfer the progression process never ceases. Yet there is still one thing that keep the two together, the love of surfing. The mind and body grow in experience, stability, competitiveness, and aggressiveness.

The level of experience varies between the novice and professional surfer. A novice surfer has very little experience on moderate, or waist to chest high waves. Due to the fact that a novice surfer barley grasps the basic movement of the surfboard. However, a professional surfer has much experience on large, five feet plus, to extreme level, ten feet and higher, waves. Also, a professional surfer has had much experience maneuvering a surfboard.

Stability on a surfboard is a key strength that allows a surfer to ride larger waves. A novice surfer has a very loose stance which causes the surfer to fall off the board easily. A novice surfer wobbles side to side as a surfboard is riding a wave. Yet because the surfer is moving it causes the board to hit tiny impurities in a wave and throw a surfer off. At the professional level, the surfer is skilled in stability on a surfboard. Therefore, a professional surfer can turn the board at sharp angles and withstand a pipeline.

The competitive drive is what separates a novice and a professional surfer the most. A novice surfer has little or no competitiveness

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