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Of Mice and Men - Book Review

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Of Mice and Men - Book Review

“Of Mice and Men”

At the starting of the story, two men named George Milton and Lennie Small are trying to get to a ranch in Salinas Valley, California. George is the leader of the two men, because of Lennie’s small size. George is filled confidence while Lennie is a simple man with a big heart. On account of Lennie they got kicked out of town called Weed, up North. Leenie is a type of guy that is not very bright and gets frightened and confused really easy. Petting animals and picking up things that are interesting to him.

Lennie and George decided to go the pool hall one night. There was a girl there that got Lennie’s eye. She was wearing a bright red dress. It interested Lennie and he grabbed her sleeve and wouldn’t let go. The girl was full of fear because some stranger wouldn’t let go of her dress. He held it tighter and tighter and wouldn’t let go. After that night he found out that the girl was pressing charges against him. Every day the police were on the look out for Lennie. But George and Lennie escaped from the town by hiding in a ditch until nightfall. After the night of lying in a ditch Lennie and George started to hitchhike. They hitchhiked all the way to Salinas Valley, California. They got there the next day which was their destination.

This is the ranch where they started working. They met an old man of the name Candy. He had been working there for many years. A couple minutes later an anther guy walked in named Curly. He was the boss’s son. He was very hostile to the new people. George thought that he would do something to Lennie in the future. George informed Lennie never to talk to Curly’s wife cause he knew he would get in trouble. That night Candy’s dog had puppies, which one was given to Lennie. He went every night to pet his new dog.

The next night one of the workers persuaded Candy about his dog and telling him that he should kill him so he didn’t have to suffer. They killed the dog because of its old age, which was the best thing to do. After Lennie watching the dog being killed he asked George about what their plans were again for the future of them. George repeated it and said as soon as we get enough money we will buy a house with a few acres of

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