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One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

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One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

While viewing the movie One flew over the cuckoos nest I experienced a wide variety of thoughts and/or feelings. In my opinion, this 1975 film portrayed a range of people with different disorders. Although the negative messages the movie relays outweigh the positive, I believe this movie gave a good overall perception (whether that be good or bad) on what life in an state hospital may be like.

Throughout the movie my feelings grew toward one particular character (McMurphy). Although I think this character was impersonating that he had a psychological disorder, I admired the way he treated the other patients. McMurphy’s attempt to encourage the other patients made the movie well worth watching. Many of the patients were self admitted and felt there was no where else for them to go. Maybe they felt comfortable around those who shared some of the same disabilities. McMurphy’s attitude towards the other patients encouraged them to express themselves and show some individuality. McMurphy opened the hearts of those he befriended and helped them gain the confidence to stick up for themselves. In my opinion, McMurphy made the other patients feel somewhat normal.

Although there was no class discussion about the movie, I believe McMurphy was the character of focus throughout. From what we know, McMurphy went to the ward to get out of jail. There was not enough supporting evidence to make a diagnosis, if there was one to be made. As an excuse to avoid prison, McMurphy was turned over to the state hospital and from there he began his journey trying to make people think he had some form of psychological disorder. I cannot make a diagnosis right now because of this.

When watching One flew over the cuckoos nest I focused more on the positive and negative messages the movie gave about the institution. This was necessary because the disorders varied by character throughout the movie. During group discussions in the ward, the nurse encouraged the patients to talk about the negative

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